It’s the ________ Talking

Psalm 55:5Fear and trembling have come upon me; horror and fright have overwhelmed me (AMP).

When I filled in the banks, my word was cancer. What’s yours?

Forgive me if lately I am irate. It’s the _______________talking.
Sometimes words come out that I hate. It’s the ___________talking.

Occasionally I smile, return soft reply, be life of the party,
Then think with a sigh, for once more the _______________is talking.

The ____________grows power for a later attack,
It waits for the instant that I turn my back. It’s the ________mocking, 

It is locking me into the fear that it brings.
Driving me low each time my heart sings.
It’s the ______________stalking.

But when thoughts of Christ arise in my mind,
And freshly again, on his Word I’ve dined
Then once more I’ll stand, believing his best,
While entering his blessed, unfathomable rest.
Because now- Christ is talking.         

Prayer: Lord, help us turn to you in our fear so that you may be our faith (Psalm 56:3). Amen. 

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