Jacob’s Mess

Jacob started out as a heel and went down hill from there. You can find the whole story beginning in Genesis 25: 24.

When it came time Jacob to marry, he searched out a relative.

“Are things well with him?” Jacob continued. “Very well,” they said. “And here is his daughter Rachel coming with the flock.” (Genesis 29:6, MSG)  It gets confusing after that. Maybe this little ditty will help you remember the details.

Jacob’s Mess

I never know which house I’ll be, I am the last to know.

While Leah’s having babies, Rachel doesn’t know

How she’ll live without them. She blames me right and left.

Me? I’ve fathered everywhere. I’ve left no one bereft!

Leah’s home is full of babies, a full half-dozen now.

And both wives sent their maids to me. (To keep the peace, I bow.)

The maids might wish for better. Their sons aren’t really theirs.

I think of Grandpa Abe and his Hagar/ Ishmael cares.

Oh woe is me, I am undone. My life is full of stress.

I was happily a bachelor and now I’m in this mess!

Be careful when you desire a life different from the one you have. You might get it!

Prayer – Father God, help us choose contentment in our here and now! Amen

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