Just So You Know

So does your local astrologer, fortune teller or even the next door prognosticator know what’s what? No. They don’t.

Behold, they are like stubble; the fire consumes them. They cannot even deliver themselves from the power of the flame [much less deliver the nation]. (Isaiah 47:14a, AMPC)

Do you know who does know? God! Do you know why he gives prophecies centuries ahead of time? Here is his reason.

Therefore I have declared things to come to you from of old; before they came to pass I announced them to you, so that you could not say, My idol has done them, and my graven image and my molten image have commanded them.

You have heard [these things foretold], now you see this fulfillment. And will you not bear witness to it? I show you specified new things from this time forth, even hidden things [kept in reserve] which you have not known.

They are created now [called into being by the prophetic word], and not long ago; and before today you have never heard of them, lest you should say, Behold, I knew them! (Isaiah 48:5-7, AMPC)

Prayer – Lord, forgive us for trying to second guess you, or even first guess you, for you are the all knowing, all the time God. Amen!

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