Just Plain Peculiar

Genesis 1: 25aGod made the [wild] beasts of the earth (AMP).

Genesis 1:26aGod said, Let us make man in our image (KJV).

Did you know that the blue-footed booby bird with the bluest foot wins the girl, an anteater has a blue tongue and that a bonga’s rusty colour rubs off? That a newborn wallaby weighs less than a paper clip, the okapi licks its ears, the binturong smells like popcorn and an octopus has three hearts? Me neither!

God created these peculiar creatures. He also created us. That’s why a brother-in-law chews with his mouth open, mom has a funny birthmark and Granny hears you in the cookie jar!

Animals will continue to have their funny traits but when we ask Jesus into our lives, the Holy Spirit begins to change some of ours, and create new ones in their place. What a relief!

In Titus 2:14a , God calls us a peculiar people, meaning ‘beyond usual or special.’ Isn’t it odd that we tolerate or even revel in our own ‘special’ but are irritated and annoyed by someone else’s? What unlovable traits in our nearest and dearest might we begin to accept with grace?

PrayerLord, help us accept others the way that you accept us. Amen

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