Learn by Doing

Years after 25 years of leading 4-H, their motto still sticks with me. I taught classes on sewing, baking, and gardening skills to teenagers. In turn, they practiced the skills they learned.

In Mark 6, Jesus is hoping to pass on that 4-H principle. 

And at once He insisted that the disciples get into the boat and go ahead of Him to the other side to Bethsaida, while He was sending the throng away. (Mark 6:45, AMPC)

Note that he insisted! And then he went off to pray. I wonder if he was praying for the disciples, hoping they had understood the loaves and fishes and the way he provided for needs.

Jesus has to interrupt his praying because he saw that they were ‘troubled and tormented’ in their rowing, of all things! Just as with the loaves and fishes, in their own strength, they could do nothing. 

He acted as if He meant to pass by them. Instead of calling to him, they screamed. And Jesus in his goodness, spoke to them. “Take heart! I Am! Stop being alarmed and afraid.” (See Mark 6)

The problem was that they failed to consider or understand the teaching and meaning of the miracle of the loaves. In fact, their hearts had grown callous, dull, and had lost the power of understanding.”

What about you?

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