Learning to Accept Compliments Graciously

Accepting a compliment graciously acknowledges both you and the person who offers it. When people compliment you, they’ve gone out of their way to show kindness and create good feelings. Refusing their kindness forces them to either argue with you or to withdraw the compliment entirely, making them just as uncomfortable as you are. Learning to accept compliments graciously is a valuable interpersonal skill that should be developed and enhanced. Use these strategies to properly accept the compliments that come your way.

Take the Compliment at Face Value

Be straightforward and don’t act timid. Say, “Thank you, I appreciate your compliment”. If you have a difficult time saying “thank you”, write out a brief script of what you would say if you were to receive a compliment; then practice several times out loud in front of a mirror (Philippians 1:3).

Return the Compliment, If Appropriate

One of the best ways to respond to a compliment given to you is to give one in return. Offer a return compliment in total sincerity. Keep it simple and honest. A simple compliment goes a long way and you’ll be surprised at the powerful effect a few kind words can have on others (Proverbs 25:11).

Smile when Accepting a Compliment

A smile makes the person giving the compliment feel better about having offered it in the first place. Accept the compliment and take what has been said to heart. Practice accepting compliments and receiving positive reinforcement from others. It always feels good when people have great things to say about you. A great compliment boosts self-esteem (Proverbs 17:22).

After graciously acknowledging and accepting the compliment, use it to start a conversation in which both of you can participate, and as an opportunity to share God’s grace and goodness.

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  1. This is excellent advice. Being humble is a necessity, but receiving compliments and reflecting the respect others show toward you are undeniably positive Christian characteristics.

    February 11, 2009

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