Legitimate Job Opportunities May Be Right Under Your Nose

For those who have been unemployed for a while and layoff victims about to start a job search, this means more competition in an already tight job market and an ever increasing belief that searching for new employment is quite hopeless. If you’re in this situation all is not lost, for legitimate job opportunities may be right under your nose.

Legitimate Job Opportunities

In a typical job search, the tendency is to steer clear of companies in weak industries or who seem to be tottering on the brink of financial ruin. In these cases job seekers operate under the mistaken belief that if a company has recently announced a layoff, it must not be hiring. While there may be some truth to this belief, you should not let it restrict your job search efforts. The fact is that many companies lay off workers as a result of business restructuring, and this process usually leads to new legitimate job opportunities being created that require different skill sets than those held by laid off workers.

Right Under Your Nose

Unemployment and layoff are negative situations that can throw the average job seeker into a tail spin. In addition to dealing with the emotional, mental, and financial stress that come with job loss, trying to stave off despair while searching for a new job can cause you to overlook opportunities that are right under your nose.

To keep this turmoil from derailing your efforts, you must set your mind on the positive hope which forward movement of a job search brings, instead of despondency that can result from negative circumstances (1 Peter 1:13). Consider these strategies for finding legitimate job opportunities that are right under your nose.

  • Research those industries that are considered the weakest sectors in the current economy (automotive, housing, telecommunications, etc). Since most job seekers tend to steer clear of them, there should be minimal competition for job opportunities.
  • Charge full steam ahead to find job opportunities in companies that have recently undergone business restructuring and massive layoffs. In many cases, new well-paid jobs will have been created that may fit your unique skill set and experience.
  • Find out everything you can about small and medium-sized companies that have made significant executive and senior level management changes. Monitor news reports, company websites and financial reports. There may be hidden job opportunities at all levels.
  • Look for jobs in multiple industries where your core skills can be utilized. Even though you’ve been comfortable working in one industry for most of your career, don’t dismiss job opportunities that may surface in non-related industries. Cast your job search net as wide as possible because many employers are looking for workers from non-related industries that bring fresh perspectives and innovation.

Taking advantage of legitimate job opportunities that are right under your nose is a necessary step in your job search plan. As you move forward with these strategies, make sure you have built a solid foundation including an accurate and well-worded resume that summarizes your experience, a cover letter as well as appropriate examples of your work. Spend time learning how to interview well and take every opportunity to network and build relationships with former colleagues, industry associates and prospective employers.

Take lots of baby steps in your search for legitimate job opportunities, and do not despise small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10); they can lead to great discoveries right under your nose.

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