Let Down

I manage my time better than most people I know, but somehow I missed a deadline. Yes, I am still harping on that because I am not that kind of person. So what happened? I simply forgot and my forgetting let the team down.

The first ever ‘deadline’ referred to a line around a prison. If a prisoner was found beyond that line, he could expect to be shot. I hope those rules don’t apply to me!

My slip does allow us the opportunity to discuss keeping all our ducks in a row. Do we want to be the type of people who let others down? Surely not.

What hints do you have? Are you a procrastinator? What kind of deadlines have you missed or what kind are you missing right this minute? What tools have you picked up over the years that help you stay on top of things?

It does help to do the hardest thing first. We can fool ourselves by pretending the deadline is two days earlier than it actually is. (Not too helpful if it’s a dinner invite!) We could tell everyone our deadline and trust them to keep us on the straight and narrow or even send ourselves emails.

And why bother, you might ask? The answer is that deadlines are the only reason we ever get anything done.

Thankfully God doesn’t give deadlines. He patiently waits and draws us to him. We are the ones who miss the boat by not taking the opportunity. God is graciously waiting… but even his opportunities end

The thief hanging on the cross beside Jesus took the opportunity and Jesus answered him this way. “Truly I tell you; today you shall be with Me in Paradise. (Luke 23:43 AMP)

What will he tell us when it’s our turn to leave this world?

Prayer – God, give us the common sense to choose Christ before it’s too late. Amen

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