Listen Carefully

Jesus knows he is going to die. He determines to leave his disciples as prepared as possible. He gives very clear direction, but they don’t want to hear that he is dying so they do not listen.

Take a look at Luke 22.

Jesus says:

  1. I will suffer. (15)
  2. This is my last Passover here. (16-20)
  3. My body will be bleeding and broken.(19-20)
  4. There is a traitor among us. (21-22)
  5. I came to serve. (27)
  6. Thanks for your loyalty. (28)
  7. I have a reward for you. (29-30)
  8. Here is the warning for all of you, and especially you, Peter. (31)
  9. I’ve done my best for you. (32)
  10. I’ve provided for you. (35)

What do the disciples do in this most precious few last moments? They deny that they are traitors and then quarrel over which of them is more important!

When we are with a dying person, really listen to what they have to say. It is not the time for arguing or ignoring.

Prayer – Lord, forgive us for forcing our own agenda on those who only have a few moments to say what they need to say. Amen

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