Locked In

The suspense builds as the main character of the ‘whatever’ TV show finds themselves behind locked doors with no way to escape. Of course they eventually get freed and the good guy wins.

However, I ask you today if you have ever locked your own door because of your own fears, attitudes or responses to a problem or difficulty?

I have to say yes on my own behalf. How often has God given me an opportunity to share the Gospel, to help a friend or give financial aid and I locked the door of my own mind with thoughts like this?

I am afraid, I have no time, and I cannot afford it. Pick someone else, God.

Is this also you? I gratefully remember that the disciples had the same problem. They huddled in fear behind closed doors after Jesus’ crucifixion. (John 20:19, 26)

But when Jesus appeared, they were able to unlock their doors, their attitudes and their fears. Why is that? The answer is the same one that the disciples got.

God’s kingdom is right on your doorstep! (Luke 1-:9, MSG)

Locked doors keep us safe but they also paralyze us. What is your locked door? Won’t you open it and embrace Christ, who waits on your doorstep to help you through your fears?

What would you do for Christ if you knew (as you do now!) that you could not fail?

Prayer- Father God, I confess my fear of ___________ I ask you to come through my door of ____________ and give me the courage to do what you ask in the name of Christ. Amen.

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