Look Up

In the Mark 8, Jesus is in Bethsaida. A blind man is brought to Him and through a series of events, Jesus restores the blind man's sight. In the very beginning, the man is totally blind, just as all of us spiritually blind until we receive salvation from Christ. At first, the man's sight was distorted, just as our sense of spiritual understanding is distorted at the beginning of our Christian walk. Jesus continued to work with the man until his sight was clear. So Christ works with us until He comes again, constantly teaching us and helping us understand His love.

One night I had a dream I was doing a puzzle. It was a wonderful, magnificent puzzle. It took me weeks to complete; thousands of pieces, one at a time, slowly and uniquely coming together, creating a vision of Christ in all His glory welcoming another child into the family of God.

As frustrating as it was at times, it gave me great pleasure to work and manipulate each piece with trial and error into it's proper position. At last, it was almost done. The last piece was all I needed, but it was no where to be found.

I looked under my chair, under the table, in the box. I frantically began searching the house. Did the dog take it? One of the kids? Did it get swallowed up in the vacuum cleaner? Days later, exhausted and frustrated, staring at my unfinished puzzle with its one missing piece, I collapse. I can't do it! I give up!

I sit down in my chair and look up in exasperation and defeat. There, standing right beside me is my heavenly Father. With one hand on my shoulder, he opens his other hand to show me the missing piece of the puzzle. With compassion and love, he gently says, “I've been here the whole time. I've just been waiting for you to look up.”

Let me encourage you. When things in your world seem upside down, inside out and topsy turvy; when it seems there is no way in the world you can handle what's been given to you and what's going on; when you are frantically searching for meaning and the missing pieces of the puzzle of your life, stop. Look up. God holds all the pieces. Only He has all the answers.

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