Mayrtyrs and Me

No it is not 365 ways to cook turkey or make crafts. ‘On This Day in Christian History’ by Robert J. Morgan is a daily devotional about those who deliver the Gospel, no matter the cost.

Fabian, the 19th Bishop of Rome, was the first to die under the persecution of ruler Decius Trojan? Decius decided his kingdom would prosper if all the Christians were dead. He died the next year, but the church continued!

Nicholas Owen, designed 'hidey-holes' for Catholics when 'Good Queen Bess' was on a ‘search and destroy them’ mission.

Have you heard of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, who were missionaries to the fierce Cayuse Indians of the American west in 1835?  Narcissa was the first white woman to cross the west. Twelve years later they were blamed for a measles outbreak and tomahawked to death.

And what of John and Hanna Hunt who went to Fiji where the people still boiled and ate two-thirds of their children and did the same to their old folks? With the Hunt’s influence , Fiji became known as  'a jewel in the missionary diadem.'

So again I ask, do you have the stomach for this book?  Or for that matter, “The Voice of the Martyrs” which tells of our brothers and sisters around the world who suffer even now for the Christ?  Perhaps even the New Testament which tells how believers suffered and died for Christ? If you will take the time to read them, your own walk with Jesus will change.

Acts 7:57-58b-At this they covered their ears and, yelling at the top of their voices, they all rushed at him, dragged him out of the city and began to stone him (NIV).

Prayer: Lord, help us care about those who suffer for Christ. Someday they might be us. Amen.

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