Mentor? Me?

I was excited to find my (unknown to me) namesake had written an article for a large corporation. Then I realized that my namesake was mentioned as a mentor and an example of holy living. We had a similar name but did we walk alike?

I asked myself if my actions or words ever lead anyone else astray in any way. I wanted to say no but in all honesty, I must confess that the answer is sometimes yes. Only as I continually look to God for strength and guidance will my mentoring skills improve.

We are all mentors in one way or another, but when we profess to be Christians, our families, co-workers and yes, even total strangers look to us to see Christ. We need his help every day if we are to be the kind of people that point others in the right direction, that is, to Christ.

Brethren, together follow my example and observe those who live after the pattern we have set for you. (Philippians 3:17, AMP)

Whether we like it or not, our life is our message.

Prayer – Lord, may our lives be a message worth sharing. For Christ’s Sake. Amen.

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