Missing the Blessing

This week I tried to make a purchase at a famous big box store, but everyone was counting. It was inventory day. Dozens of clerks counted undershirts, tops, and blankets. Others made lists of boxes of baking soda, flour, and sugar. They certainly determined to know everything there was to know about their store; everything except their customers! No one wanted to wait on me! They were all too busy counting.

How do you spend your time? Are you fully engaged in the moment by taking the people opportunities offered to you? Or are you like those clerks, nose to the grindstone every moment?
Do you text or do you talk?

Those employees thought they were counting their blessings, but they missed the real blessing of a purchase, the very thing that keeps their doors open.

The life is more than meat, and the body is more than raiment. (Luke 12:23, KJV)

Prayer – God, help us choose people opportunities when they arise. For Christ who took the time for us. Amen

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