Muffler Procrastination

Luke 14:27-28Whoever who does not bear his own cross and come after me, cannot be my disciple. For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it (RSV).

Our car muffler was making an awful racket. Previous muffler failures had taught us that we could expect a bill of at least three hundred dollars. We prolonged the agony, preferring to spend money on almost anything else.

Finally, desperate neighbours suggested it was time! Imagine our surprise when the dealer told us that the muffler was under warranty. Our cost was only a measly thirty-three dollars! We had suffered discomfort, noise and pollution for a mere $33!

What are we putting off? What are we not doing that is prolonging our agony? When Jesus asks us to do something, instead of putting it off, we should rush to obey. Obedience will bring us a contentment and joy far more enjoyable than procrastination.

Prayer: Dear God, don’t let us be comfortable with halfway measures or postponements. Bring your to-do list to our minds today. Help us as we attend to your will. In Christ’s name. Amen.

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