My Irish Icelandic Mom

Forget my Dad’s boring history, we claimed my Mom’s 100% Icelandic heritage. To be Icelandic was exotic compared to some place in North America.

March 17 was always a big day in my family. No we are not Irish, although it sounds lovely to be Irish. No, we are all Icelanders, sort of!  You see my Mom’s birthday was March 17 and every year we celebrated the whole day with cake and presents. 

No wearing of the green for us, not even parades or other kinds of Irish events; although my husband and I did once attend an Irish Rovers concert! And we do like corned beef and cabbage.

The holiday began in North America in 1737 as a feast day and a religious event to honor the heritage people had left behind. Eventually, little by little, it became what it is today.

But St Patrick’s Day is actually named for the patron saint of Ireland, who was a pagan, captured and taken to Ireland as a slave, and later embraced Christianity and became a bishop in Ireland.  

But to us it will always just be my Mom’s birthday.

Prayer-Lord, help us honor our valuable history in a way that honors you as well. Amen.

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