Newly Born

Newborn babies must struggle with from overstimulation from light, sound and yes even people. Think about it. The womb is a quiet place and then the babe is thrust into the limelight with continual noise of one kind or another. People nibble your toes as if you were a piece of cheese. Think about how frightening that must be to a little one.

New Christians are bothered by the same things…well maybe not the toe nibbling, but you know what I mean. The language is different, the songs may be unfamiliar and sometimes definitely too loud.  Sometimes people show you off to others as their trophy. Yes, it is scary at first.

Just as babies need an adjustment period, so do the newly saved. Let’s not dump all our beliefs on them right away, or pick on their bad habits, the ones that only God can fix.

A little peace and quiet goes a long way.

Prayer- Father, thanks for the common sense to treat all newbies with love, compassion and peace and quiet. Amen.

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