No Corn, No Joke

Isn’t it funny that a problem isn’t a problem until it affects us? We just keep expecting some body else to fix it.

So you don’t care if the corn crop fails. You aren’t a farmer. It’s not your livelihood. Well try this on for size. Fabric, toothpaste, bread, cereals, baby food, washing products, make-up, books, tires, gasoline, pet and snack foods, and other things too numerous to mention, contain some form of corn product. No corn means no product. We don’t have corn for starving nations because we are using it to wash our hair. Now do you care?

What if I tell you that soybeans are going the way of corn? Now do you care?

In Genesis 41, Pharaoh hears about the upcoming famine and puts Joseph in place to fix it.

Because of Joseph’s careful planning, Egypt was able to provide food for the world.

Genesis 41:56-57-As the famine got worse all over the country, Joseph opened the store-houses and sold emergency supplies to the Egyptians. The famine was very bad. Soon the whole world was coming to buy supplies from Joseph. The famine was bad all over (MSG).

Who will be the world’s provider if our corn crops fail? How can it possibly be North America? We’re too busy using corn for everything but food.

Prayer: Lord, help us see that our convenience may be another person’s suffering. In Christ. Amen.

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