John 15:5a– I am the Vine; you are the branches. Whoever lives in Me and I in him bears much [abundant] fruit (AMP).

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word ovine as pertaining to or having the characteristics of sheep.  Reread Psalm 23 (see March 27). That’s how well-shepherded sheep live.

Well Shepherded

Fed, guided, shielded and in tender pastures.
Beside restful waters, refreshed and restored.
Led in right paths, no fear, dread upon me,
My Shepherd always present, O Shepherd, my Lord
Protected by rod, with staff as a comfort,
A table before, head fragrant from oil.
Goodness and mercy, unfailing love,
His presence my dwelling place, my Shepherd, my Lord

I’m glad to be a sheep with a Shepherd that made his description (vine) part of my description as sheep, (o-vine)!  Aren’t you? 

Prayer: Dear Vine that will not let us go, help us live as the well-tended sheep that we are. Amen 

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