On The Shelf

Many of my cookie recipes suggest a better product if I follow the instructions to chill the dough overnight on a shelf in the fridge. I am not always happy to comply. I want those cookies when I want them so instructions are hanged.

I bake and the dough slides together into a mass on the cookie sheet and their flavors aren’t as developed as they would be if I did what the recipe creator knew to be true.

So now I follow the cookie recipe directions because someone knew better than me and worked out the recipe to perfection.

If I am so careful to follow the directions for a cookie, why do I fight God when he puts me on a shelf? A shelf where I chill out, meld my habits to those of the Christ and when removed from cold storage and shelf, perform up to his expectations?

But no, I fight the shelf every step of the way, when instead I could learn and grow and become all that He wants of me.

How do you do on the shelf? Our reaction is a sign of our maturity in Christ.

But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. (Romans 8:25, NIV)

Prayer- Lord we will do as you ask and learn patience on the shelf of life. Amen.

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