Only God (Continued)

Joshua 4:6, 7aThat this may be a sign among you, that when your children ask their fathers in time to come, saying, what meant ye by these stones? Then ye shall answer them.(KJV)

On the way home, I stopped to buy gas for the truck. I had a lawn mower in the back that I’d been trying to sell for at least three months. The stranger at the next gas pump bought it off the back of my truck! As I drove on, a company name came to me. I had never tried there for a job, but I knew they might have jobs for truck drivers. I had my AZ (tractor-trailer permit) license and even though I’d rather do mechanical work, I felt I could go back to the trucks. The manager told me to come right over. AZ licenses are big stuff!

I made up a resume and decided to visit a Christian friend who lived in the area. His road was closed off and I had to drive past another repair shop, so I stopped in and asked about a job. They needed a man one day a week! By the time I got home, the first company had called and wanted me to start, not as a truck driver, but as the plant manager! God had more in mind that just a job. After only a few weeks, psoriasis, (caused by grease cleansers) disappeared from my hands.  Blood clots in my feet (from constant standing on cement floors) disappeared, because now I walk all day.  And every time I tell this story, both my listeners, and I, get a fresh glimpse of God’s great faithfulness.

What great stories do you have? Why not remind others about how God displays His great faithfulness in your life.

PrayerLord our hearts are full of praise. Bless your Name! Amen.

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