I couldn’t help but listen in to this conversation in the grocery store this week.

Lady #1 – “Don’t you think the Lord Jesus is returning soon?”

Lady #2 – “Oh yes, I do! I hope he returns in my life time. I want to fly!  That’s why I wear                                                                                       slacks so often. I want to be modest when I go up in the air.

Lady #1 – “From what I’ve read, we leave our clothes here!”

Lady #2 – “Oh my goodness; then I’d better lose that last 10 pounds!”

I don’t know how right they are about the clothes, but I do know about the flying!

 The Master himself will give the command. Archangel thunder! God’s trumpet blast! He’ll come down from heaven and the dead in Christ will rise—they’ll go first.

 Then the rest of us who are still alive at the time will be caught up with them into the clouds to meet the Master. Oh, we’ll be walking on air!

And then there will be one huge family reunion with the Master. So reassure one another with these words. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18, MSG)

Prayer – Lord, we can hardly wait!! What joy awaits us! Thank you!! AMEN

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