Parenting Love Letter

Write a love letter to Jesus, cried my inner self, then one to your children, and all by yourself!
Tell what you feel, and how you do care, about those people who make your life bright and fair!
I thought about Jesus. I thought about me. I thought of those children who God sent to be-
My teachers of patience, my tryers of saints, who knot up my brain in constant restraints.

To Jesus, who loves me, I often act as a child; rebellious and pouting and doubting and wild.
My children, whom I love, they act just like kids. Why sometimes I’ve thought of calling in bids
And letting them go in the half-price store section, until I remember my Christ’s resurrection.
He died to save me from death and destruction, but here I am now creating a construction-

Of hob-gobble words that frighten my brain and bring me right back to my Bible again!
God so loved the world that he gave us his Son. God loves me and keeps me until time is done!
How can I describe what this love means to me? It’s giving and loving till there’s no more of me.
And just as my God loves me through everything, I too love my children, whatever they bring.

And they love me too, for God’s rule applies, we loved him because, he loved us and still tries-
To keep us from doing nonsensical things. He loves us in spite of what our mischief brings.
So I love my children with God given love, for God loved me enough to send Christ from above.
Forgive me dear friends, reminding once more, that Christ died to save us, open heaven’s door!

Prayer – Thanks God for reminding us of what we need to remember more than anything: Jesus died for our sins. (See John 3:16) Thank you and Amen!!

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