Passion Twenty Ten conference raises $1.33M

The Passion Twenty Ten Conference in Atlanta this week raised $1.33 million for a variety of non-profits. The conference was attended by more than 20,000 college students who additionally contributed 15,000 towels and 74,000 pairs of socks to be donated to Atlanta’s homeless.

“After leaving here, the goal is not to be more moral or better than your roommate or to be more causal or globally minded. The goal is to be more like Jesus. We want to be the ones who shine like stars who hold onto and hold out the Word of life,” said Passion Conference founder and evangelist Louie Giglio. “At our core, Passion is a theological turnaround that produces the zeal and worship songs that we sing and that translates into everything we do.”

Contributions included:

• World Vision: $62,160 covers 1-year sponsorships for 148 children & 1,000 kits packaged for AIDS workers.

• Bibles Unbound: $8,198 given to send 8,198 Bibles to East Asia.

• CURE International: $61,555 given to cover 111 surgeries for children with cleft palates in Afghanistan.

• OneVerse: $69,603 given to translate 2,784 verses.

• E3 Partners: $21,663 given to send 138 men to seminary in the Middle East.

• Operation Mobilization: $85,473 given to fund 1 Education Center for the Dalit people in India.

• Living Water: $111,513 given to build 22 wells

• HOPE International: $59,164 given to fund 295 small business loans to pull women from poverty in Haiti.

• Not For Sale: $83,636 given to build 3 Border Posts to rescue women from the sex trade in Nepal.

• Compassion International: $47,111 covers 1-year sponsorships for 189 children.

• Feed My Starving Children: $16,589 and 108,432 meals packaged for the hungry.

• Gobena Coffee: $21,927 donated to support orphans in Ethiopia.

This summer Passion conferences will be held internationally in Kiev, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Manila, Sao Paulo and Vancouver.

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