PBS to air three religious documentaries in 2010

PBS will air three detailed documentaries on religion in 2010, two of which will deal directly with Christianity. “God in America” will air in fall 2010. It will be a six-hour documentary done by the same team which produces PBS’ “Frontline” and “American Experience” news magazines. The series will start with Christopher Columbus’ voyages and go through the 2008 presidential election, showing the links between democracy and religion, exploring religious liberty and examining the role of religion in social reforms. “The Calling” will air at a yet undetermined time in 2010. It is a four-hour documentary following eight people transitioning into the clergy in Catholicism, Evangelical Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It will follow them through seminaries and religious instruction and explore their faith journeys. “The Buddha” is a two-hour documentary slated for spring 2010 which will chronicle the history of Buddhism and it growing popularity in the United States. “For many Americans, exploring religion and faith is one of life’s biggest and most central questions, and PBS offers some of the most compelling, wide-ranging programming on this subject anywhere on television,” said John F. Wilson, PBS Chief TV Programming Executive. “In 2010, viewers will be able to enhance their understanding from three different documentary perspectives providing a truly multi-dimensional experience that will also continue online with materials and video.” Link: PBS: http://www.pbs.org/

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