People are Watching

Are you the kind of person leader who really believes in the cause? I mean if your job is making toilet tanks or chewable vitamins, underwear or whatever, do you really believe in what you are doing? Do you put your heart and soul into your work?  Do you hold true to your values/beliefs no matter what? Do you even know what your values are?

If your answer is yes, then you are a gem, you are a leader who is leading someone simply with your actions. Now do you apply all that good employee stuff to the rest of your world? Does your family benefit from your belief values? Does your spiritual life show your true colours?

Wherever we go, people are watching us. Our life actions prove what our values really are. Do we live for pay, prosperity and power or do we live for God, goodness and grace; and why not?

After all, we have leaders we can count on. We celebrate God’s abundant goodness and sing of his righteousness. (Psalm 145:7, NIV)

Jesus said “Come, follow me,” (Matthew 4:19a, NIV) and we do because he showed his true colours on the cross when he died for us.

Even Paul suggested that we follow his example. (Philippians 3:17)  Dare we say the same?

Prayer – Father, help us be the best leaders we can be… Amen

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