Petered Out

When I stopped driving at the doctor’s request, family and friends drove me places as needed. Some even relayed. For instance, it took three different cars and three different drivers just to get me to and from Write Canada, the Word Guild Conference in Toronto. I was already stressed over that because I was presenting for the first time. I added the angst of humbling myself and begging for rides.

Do you know that I had five major tests, and their results, within four days? Tests that most people wait months to get? The results all declared me to be perfectly normal. Not even normal ‘for my age,’ but normal! Bet that comes as a surprise to you.

Seven days without one’s car makes one weak! I practically kissed my car a week later, when I was able to take the driver’s seat again. Obviously God had orchestrated this quick response but if he could do that, why didn’t he just stop the mess before it began? What purpose did all this serve? Now that it was all over, I queried God.

“Why all this, God,” I asked. “What was the point? I went through all this for what?”

I’d been stressing myself over stuff I couldn’t fix, but I stressed over it anyway. This non-driving thing just made more stress as far as I could see. Then it came to me. I couldn’t drive my car and I can’t drive my life either. God is in charge and any fussing I do over it is quite foolish.

I’d just experienced a dose of the Peters, better known as: ‘It’s all about me.’

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. (Matthew 11:28a, AMP)

Prayer – Oh Father, help us to remember, day in and day out, that you always have a reason for what you do and our job is to get on board and hang on for the ride. With Christ. Amen

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