Pickers of Fights

Oh surely not you? Not you. Do not follow the bad behavior of folks around us, in the media, even everywhere…who try to stir up fights and disagreements every where they go.

 Then God said, “You’ve been going around in circles in these hills long enough; go north. Command the people. You’re about to cut through the land belonging to your relatives, the People of Esau who settled in Seir. They are terrified of you, but restrain yourselves. Don’t try and start a fight. I am not giving you so much as a square inch of their land. I’ve already given all the hill country of Seir to Esau—he owns it all. Pay them up front for any food or water you get from them.”(Deuteronomy 2:2-6, MSG)

Yes, just as God said, some people are afraid of you. That does not mean you are to take advantage of them and pick a fight to make yourself look brave, when if fact you are nothing but a bully.

Note these thoughts from the scripture.

They are afraid of you.

Watch yourselves carefully.

Do not provoke them.

Do not stir them up

The truth is folks; we often provoke a quarrel, or a fight. It is not always the other guys’ fault. Make sure it is never yours.

Prayer- Lord, may we bring peace and fairness with us, not temper and trouble. Amen.

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