Praying the Psalms

Have you ever prayed your way through the Psalms? I’m doing that right now and believe me, some of those verses take courage!

Take Psalm 4:4 as an example.

Be angry [or stand in awe] and sin not; commune with your own hearts upon your beds and be silent (sorry for the things you say in your hearts). Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!   (Psalm 4:4, AMP)

Sorry for the things I said in my heart? Do I even acknowledge them to myself? My random thoughts include sentences like this which seem quite harmless to me, unless I speak them aloud!

Why is she wearing that awful dress? Others are the violent kind I think while I watch the news. Just kill them all. They are too wicked to live!

But God says I am to be sorry for them and he even includes a Selah—a pause to calmly think of that!

 But when I follow his advice, I will lie down and sleep in peace. (Psalm 4:8)

 Prayer – Lord, give us the gumption to pray your words, the Psalms, into our lives. Amen

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