Psalm 16:1aPreserve me, O God (KJV).

When my husband and I purchased the family farm, we inherited some of his parents’things. I liked some better than others. For instance, Grandma had an ancient framed picture in the ‘front room’that put fear into me.

At first glance it seemed quite pretty, but the pattern of pink roses encircled four-inch-high old English lettering which said, ‘Preserve me, O God.’  Afraid to keep it and afraid to throw it out, I was even more frightened when I read it. I didn’t know Him so I couldn’t expect Him to preserve me from anything. I didn’t have any right to ask God to save me. I was afraid to throw it out because I was so superstitious.

Later, after I asked Jesus into my life, I began to treasure that old print because I stood on the other side of that fear, knowing that God had saved me into a life worth living. Now the picture hangs in my rose patterned bathroom as a gentle jolt for visitors who need to consider their stand with God. Some are amused by it. Some are afraid. But a few comment on how they too have ‘been preserved.’

What is our stand with God today?

Prayer: Oh God, preserve us. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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