Public Opinion

Do you find yourself quoting public opinion polls, especially during election times? I used to but I’m just re-reading the Book of Acts. Now, I won’t be so swift to follow the crowd!

Just listen to this! Paul and Barnabas get to Iconium and gave their ‘Jesus’ message. Many were convinced but then someone started a smear campaign. (Acts 14: 1-3) And eventually? Well, read for yourself.

But then there was a split in public opinion, some siding with the Jews, some with the apostles. (Acts 14:4, MSG)  I ask you, one day they loved them, the next not so much! 

Today, popular opinion is touted as the way to go. If we continue with that we will be upside down and sideways.  Children will vote to avoid vegetables. None of us will vote to pay taxes. Why would we all even go to work? Popular opinion might say we stay home and play tiddlywinks. 

Hear what Paul thought of popular opinion.

It matters very little to me what you think of me, even less where I rank in popular opinion. (1 Corinthians 4:3, MSG)

Jesus’ stance was even clear to his critics.

That’s when the Pharisees plotted a way to trap him into saying something damaging. They sent their disciples, with a few of Herod’s followers mixed in, to ask, “Teacher, we know you have integrity, teach the way of God accurately, are indifferent to popular opinion, and don’t pander to your students. So tell us honestly: Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?” (Matthew 22:15-17, MSG)

Prayer: Lord, forgive us for taking the word of the crowd, when even they cannot make up their minds for good. Amen.

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