When I hurt my back, the doctor recommended I recuperate with rice. I looking forward to a big bowl of pudding until he explained it. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate. That sounded more sensible that pudding and I was delighted to find out that it worked.

I’ve often needed R.I.C.E. for spiritual hurts as well. Who hasn’t found themselves in rest mode?  I can’t tell you how many times the Lord asked me to slow down but I kept up my frantic running through life. When I didn’t heed his message to rest, he found a way to make me rest. A bad back, a flu bug, a lost job and there I was, resting.

Those rest experiences used to bring out icy anger in me. I liked my plans better than God’s. Then God squeezed my life a little harder until he got my attention. That compression eventually turned to praise. I don’t know why it always takes me so long to figure it out. Let me save you some time. God is in charge and the sooner we accept that and thank him for it, the better.

James 4:10-Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up (NIV).

Mark 9:27-But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him to his feet, and he stood up (NIV).

Anyone for pudding?

Prayer: Lord, R.I.C.E. us into a proper relationship with you. Amen.

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