Remember Me

Parents repeatedly tell their children to remember. Remember your hat, remember to take the garbage out, and remember to do your homework. Remember, remember, and remember. It’s an odd choice of words because children don’t generally forget these things. They just don’t want to do them and hope parents will forget to mention them.

God is the first Rememberer. In fact the first 30 chapters of the Bible are full of his remembering. He remembered to lower the flood waters for Noah. (Genesis 8:1), and promised to remember his own covenant of the rainbow. (9:15-17)

Then he remembered Abraham (19:29) and later, Rachel (30:22) God’s idea of remembering is different from ours.

He [earnestly] remembered Abraham [imprinted and fixed him indelibly on His mind]. (Genesis 19:29b)

Prayer-God,  thank you especially for remembering that you no longer remember our sins! Amen.  (From Hebrews 8:12)

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