Do you ever get work reviews? Me too. People write to say that they like this devotional or that.

Doesn’t it stress you out though, when others misunderstand your work ethic, your motives and your ideas?

Occasionally though, I hear from people who do not like the true life experience I shared, the scripture I chose, the Bible version I used or the way I handled a certain topic.  Of course, people are welcome to their own opinions. I love to hear yours, but it may not change mine.

It seems to me that our Christian faith as a whole might be better served if we kept our focus on Christ instead of our fellow traveller.

As Paul says—But (as for me personally) it matters very little to me that I should be put on trial by you (on this point), and that you or any other human tribunal should investigate and question and cross-question me. I do not even put myself on trial and judge myself.

I am not conscious of anything against myself, and I feel blameless; but I am not vindicated and acquitted before God on that account. It is the Lord (Himself) Who examines and judges me.

So do not make any hasty or premature judgments before the time when the Lord comes (again), for He will both bring to light the secret things that are (now hidden) in darkness and disclose and expose the (secret) aims (motives and purposes) of hearts. Then every man will receive his [due] commendation from God. (1 Corinthians 4:3-5,AMP)

Prayer: Father, when we are tempted to attack one another, let us remember that when we point a finger, three point back at us. In Christ. Amen.

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