Right Crowd

If you are in a scary place, do not hang out with people who lift your scariness to a new peak of fear. If you are trying to lose weight, do not spend your time with folks who are eating ice-cream sundaes. Do you get my drift?

Take a lesson from Mary.

Mary stayed with Elizabeth about three months and then went back to her own home. (Luke 1:56, NLT)

Mary and Elizabeth gave each other strength to face their new lives. Elizabeth is a novelty because she is old, barren and pregnant. Mary is an unwed mother, and will be the scandal of the town.

How well do we stand in the face of adversity when God has called us to an obedience that rocks our world?

Prayer – Father God, help us we pray, to do what you call us to do, even when we don’t get the human support we have grown accustomed to. After all, we still have the Christ! Amen

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