Roadblocking Ourselves

Yesterday, we spoke of God setting road blocks, but friends, we are often guilty of blocking our own success.

We want a great job, but dropped out of school. We talk of going back some day but always find a reason not to sign up. Money, time, family or age makes no difference they are all road blocks to our success.

No money? Get a loan or pay as you go. Time? Grandmas Moses didn’t start to paint until she was over eighty and then only when the chores were done. Got a family to raise? Go to school with them.

Have you asked God what he thinks or asked him to help you? Stop lingering. Get a move on and fulfil your life. Or are you waiting for God to do a miracle? 

God won’t do anything that you can do for yourself. He won’t fill out your college entrance papers, now will he?

Others were skeptical, waiting around for him to prove himself with a spectacular miracle. (Luke 11:16, MSG)

(Luke 11:16, MSG)

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