Saintly is As Saintly Does

The waitress was a saint for putting up with his rudeness. Does this make the waitress an equivalent of St. Paul or perhaps even more saintly than Paul?

After all, Paul was human, frail, often anxious and afraid. He had bouts of discouragement, wasn’t popular, not likely asked to be a keynote speaker and not considered successful in some circles. Paul did however, obey the Holy Spirit’s challenge to get up and do what he was called to do. (Acts 18, 23, 27)  (Ramona Furst)

Are we willing to be saints like Paul; the kinds that get up and do what the Holy Spirit asks us to do?

To God’s elect,who have been chosen … through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, to be obedient to Jesus Christ and sprinkled with his blood: Grace and peace be yours in abundance. (1 Peter 1:1b, 2, NIV)

Prayer- Lord when our feet don’t feel like moving, remind us of our saintly purpose. Amen

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