Scaredy Cat North America

Honestly, we are cooking up fear of our own shadows. I just read an article saying that the hand drying machines in washrooms are blowing out germs. Okay, so you would rather I didn’t wash at all? Or would you rather I wipe my hands on my clothes to dry them?

Then there are the opposite folks who never wash their jeans! WHAT! Yes I know. Hard to believe isn’t it. We are supposed to place jeans in the freezer to kill the smell and then wear them again. Some say they haven’t washed their jeans in a year or more. (UGH!)

I ask you; where does the smell go. Do your green beans smell like old jeans and your steaks like unmentionables?

Is it possible that these folks have fifty pairs of jeans and wear them once a year? Perhaps their particular jeans were not in sweaty conditions on a construction site, or did not endure baby slobbers and sand box trauma. Dirt is dirt.

Common sense is dying a slow, painful death in North America.

When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise. (2 Corinthians 10:12b, NIV)

The only word that is 100% true is the one God gave us.

Prayer- Lord, guide us in your truth and teach us for you are our God, our Saviour and our hope. (From Psalm 25:5, NIV) Amen

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