See Through

Bought that new bathing suit yet? Wasn’t it a wonderful experience trying on bits of fabric about the size of a washcloth? I finally purchased the least offensive one, only to get it home and discover the label that clearly stated… This material may become transparent in water! Oh Dear!

Sometimes our lives are like that swimsuit material. Our bad habits are clear to us when we are alone, but we hope never to display them in public.

Bad habits we wish we didn’t have show up when we are in a crowd. And some things the world loves are not so great to God.

Jesus spoke to them: “You are masters at making yourselves look good in front of others, but God knows what’s behind the appearance. What society sees and calls monumental, God sees through and calls monstrous. (Luke 16:15, MSG)

There is nothing for it then, but to ditch those private bad habits too.

Prayer – Lord, only you know what we are really like. Lord, change us please. Amen

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