What kind of lessons do we need to learn to be a servant? Why is God taking so long to put us in the place ‘we’ think we should be in? It is because we are not ready to be a servant? A leader must have a servant’s heart. . Let’s take a good look at ourselves through God’s eyes.

These are the leadership requirements in the very clear words of the Message Bible.

  1. “Is this man well-thought-of?
  2. Is he committed to his wife?
  3. Are his children believers?
  4. Do they respect him and stay out of trouble?”
  5. It’s important that a church leader, responsible for the affairs in God’s house, be looked up to.
  6. Not pushy
  7. Not short-tempered
  8. Not a drunk,
  9. not a bully,
  10. Not money-hungry.
  11. He must welcome people,
  12. be helpful,
  13. wise,
  14. fair,
  15. reverent,
  16. have a good grip on himself,
  17. and have a good grip on the Message,
  18. knowing how to use the truth to either spur people on in knowledge
  19. Or stop them in their tracks if they oppose it. (From Titus 1:5-9, MSG)

Prayer – Lord, show us where our character doesn’t measure up; then give us the strength and courage to change, in Christ. Amen

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