A turkey seldom holds its stuffing when the cavity is only secured with straight metal skewers and string. While the bird cooks, those skewers navigate around the roast pan. Sometimes they disappear into the gravy. Large safety pins do a much better job. Even if they migrate, their sharp ends are covered. They are not a danger.

While we eat turkey tomorrow, let’s remember that the words skewer us on a regular basis. Sharp hurtful comments stab our hearts. We may get wounded, but if we let God safety pin our mouths we can count on his help to keep our own hurtful comments to ourselves. He can intercept our sharp remarks. He can stuff down all our wanna-say answers. Then we won’t say rude things in return, but instead keep the peace.

Psalm 17:3-You have proved my heart; You have visited me in the night; You have tried me and find nothing [no evil purpose in me]; I have purposed that my mouth shall not transgress (AMP).

Prayer: Lord, keep our tongues from evil and our lips from speaking guile. Amen. (from KJV Psalm 34:13)

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