So Far

So far this month, we’ve learned that there were eye witness account to Jesus’ birth, life and death. Luke talked to them and recorded the information. Historians Josephus and Macrobius recorded the events.

We know we have to make a choice to believe, or not to believe the truth. We must trust the Holy Spirit and strengthen our courage by remembering previous times of God’s faithfulness.

We know to choose our companions carefully, to be obedient, if for no other reason than to be an example to others. We learned to stand firm, even when circumstances are out of our control. We also thought about respecting our elders.

We learned that we, ourselves, must choose Jesus. Either way, he invites us to search for him, without fear. Then we spoke about our place in the chain of obedience. We decided to keep our mouth shut more often and our heart open always. We added praise to our repertoire, decided to make more time for Jesus, because Christmas is all about Jesus, not a series of habits and customs.

But so far isn’t all the way with Christ. Our life’s journey may be long and arduous, but the Lord is in it with us. Let’s go for it, 100%. Let me rephrase that: Let’s go for him 100%.

Prayer – Lord we commit to being all in…all in our life, in every way, all in for the sake of Jesus and the Gospel. Amen

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