Socked In

I had a busy day ahead so I gathered up my clothing and rushed to get dressed. Somehow, I lost the socks. Where ever could they be? Finally I gave up and got another pair.

After a day of blood tests, exercise classes and an afternoon meeting, I looked forward to crawling back into my housecoat. As I changed, those lost socks fell out onto the floor. WHAT? Somewhere, all day, my body sported an extra lump and no one noticed? Or had they been too polite and didn’t want to mention it?

Some of us get away with sin the same way. People around us are too polite or too involved with their own lives to notice. When they don’t mention it, we don’t realize it. Then suddenly, one day it falls out in front of us and we are confronted with the error of our ways. If we are wise, we confess our sin and give it up on the spot. We can be free of it.

And Jesus said, I do not condemn you either. Go on your way and from now on sin no more. John 8:11b, AMP)

Prayer – Lord, you know we’ve been hiding lost of socks under our shirts, but today, we hand them over to you, in exchange for the forgiveness and freedom you give. Amen.

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