Speak Up

What kind of speaker are you? It distresses me that so many of us excel in our speaking delivery. Our timing is down to a nanosecond. We can ad-lib with the best of them… until it comes to prayer. Then we mumble and stumble and lower our voices.

Oh, I expect that God is listening. After all, He has better ears then the rest of us. Every word we speak is audible to God. Do we say those words like we mean them?

See what they spew from their mouths— the words from their lips are sharp as swords, and they think, “Who can hear us?”(Psalm 59:7, NIV)

If we are speaking in community, our listeners shouldn’t have to peek to see if we have finished the prayer.

Are we ashamed of our prayers? How can others agree with us in prayer if they can’t hear what we are saying?

Let this be our goal.

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. (Psalm 19:14, NIV)

Hopefully your fellow prayers would agree… of course they would first have to hear the words, wouldn’t they?

Prayer – Father, give us a voice of conviction that carries to our hopeful listeners. Amen

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