Spurgeon Notes

To a young listener- “You have a good conscience, almost as good as new for you haven’t used it much!”

When a newspaper wrote that his sermons were not striking, he answered: “It is not the work of the shepherd to strike his sheep but to feed them.”

“The Lord walked in the garden in the cool of the day. Walked, lest it should be thought he was in haste to punish. Not in the morning, lest he seemed fresh with anger, not in midday as if he was burning with wrath. Rather he walked in the cool of the day when the earth was silent, that man might meditate and the dew weep for man’s misery and evening lights her lamps so that man might have hope in the darkness.”

On his deathbed, Spurgeon was asked to put his Christian faith into words. Spurgeon replied, “It is only this. Jesus died for me.”

Today let us offer up one of Spurgeon’s personal prayers.

Prayer- Lord would you please give me a short memory for grudges. Amen.

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