Squash Soup

The recipe is simple enough and everyone seemed able to make it but me. 

  • 2 bags (750gms each) frozen squash
  • 1 diced apple (I use 1 cup sugar-free applesauce)
  • 1 diced onion
  • Chicken bouillon to cover
  • Cook in crock pot, puree, eat.

No matter how long I pureed, my soup had lumps. I tried puree by hand with a potato masher. I pureed in a food processor and then I tried one of those stick blender things. No matter what! Lumps!

I discovered the secret the night I forgot to turn off the crock pot. That squash cooked for hours. In the morning I had very mushy squash. It pureed into a liquid in seconds. That squash needed  a long simmer to get to the right eating spot.

And I thought of how God purees us. Life happens, we don’t like it.

 Awkward and terrible things happened to us. We lost things.  We lost people. We lost jobs. 

We had set backs. We wondered what on earth God was up to. And then finally, when we are cooked and seasoned long enough, God does a miracle. And we are ready for him to actually use us. Amen God.

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