Storm Advisory

Nobody believed the weathermen when they predicted a major storm last month. Who gets snow, freezing rain, and power outages in April? Well, we did. It began just like they said it would.

Light snow, rising winds, heavy snow and rain, followed by freezing rain: we had it all. Since I’m old enough to remember such happenings from my farm days, I had bottled water, canned food, a bathtub full of water, and flashlights and batteries at the ready.

I hunkered down under a warm blanket, right in front of my gas fireplace. The power was off for about 26 hours. Meanwhile, I read some great books, ate tinned salmon, apples, and flavoured peach water, all the while bemoaning my lack of a hot coffee!

When the power started up again, everything started up at once. The furnace, fridge and freezer kicked in.  People rushed to charge electrical gadgets, make coffee, call their family, then shop for groceries.

Funny the stuff we ‘need’ in today’s society isn’t it? It’s funnier still to realize that we take most of our blessings for granted and pay them no attention until they die.

Prayer – Lord we are truly grateful for our blessings, even if we don’t often remember to say so. Amen

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