Survey: 2010 will be lean for non-profit, church receipts

Barna Group survey data released today showed that giving to non-profits and churches alike continues to decline as Americans prepare for a slow recovery from the recession. Of the roughly 1,000 people polled last month, 49 percent said they have reduced their giving to non-profits. That was up significantly from the 31 percent figure indicated when the recession was at full steam in November 2008. Donation numbers to churches have remained more stable. Twenty percent said they had reduced church giving in late 2008 compared to 29 percent now. Three-fourths of survey respondents said they expect a long slow crawl out of recession lasting at least two years. This indicates to non-profits that their bottom lines may not substantially improve for some time to come. Another factor may end up being the earthquake in Haiti, particularly for occasional contributors. David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group, commented on the donor environment. “Barring a significant event or shift, the prospects for a recovery of charitable giving during 2010 appear dim. The supply of donation dollars is not likely to meet the demand from nearly 1.5 million non-profit organizations. “Even while some financial indicators show signs of life, most Americans are very concerned about the country’s long-term economic prospects and seem to be tightening budgets and scrimping on donations. What’s more, the funds raised for Haitian relief efforts may exhaust some of the potential for future giving in 2010, especially among inconsistent donors.” Link: Barna Group economy survey:

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