Tearing Down

When do you start to rip down the holiday trimmings? Funny isn’t it, they seem so wonderful when we put them up and yet so tacky when we pull them off the mantel and the front door.

Never mind. We can still remember what they stand for. Holly’s red berries remind us of the blood of Christ and its green spiky leaves mark the crown he wore when crucified.

Evergreens symbolize our new and everlasting life in Christ. Our Christmas lights on tree and porch mark the light of Christ, the life Jesus gave for us and the light we now can share with those around us.

Finally, wreaths represent the circle of life, eternity, because they have no beginning and no end.

Some folks make the putting away of holiday trimmings as big an event as the putting up of them. Whatever your custom, let’s remember what they stand for as we travel into the coming year, and until we take them out again.

Prayer – Father, thank you for things that remind us of the Christ. Remind us also to worship him alone and not those same ‘things.’ Amen

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