That Time Again

Your thoughts whirl. You know you should, you have to, why you even want to… get Mother’s Day gifts for all the mothers in your life. You only have a day or two to get at it!

Stop the delay. Stop buying day-old flowers off a street corner. Stop telling yourself you don’t have to get anything for your wife, because she isn’t YOUR mother! (Believe it or not, I’ve heard this cop-out a million times from husbands who ordinarily are the best of husbands.)

Your wife gave birth to your children. Stop pretending that’s not a wonderful thing. Just take a few minutes and get something nice. At the very least invite your wife, your mother, your wife’s mother, your step mom, a lonely mom next door, SOME MOM—to dinner. BBQ burgers if you must. Without mothers, where would you be?

Anyway, remember Father’s Day is coming!

Reverently honor an older woman as you would your mother. (1 Timothy 5:2, MSG)

Prayer – Lord let us not be so selfish that we can’t or won’t be kind to one another. Amen

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